Farage: Extreme cult has taken over Labour Party

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has told supporters that an “extreme cult” has taken over the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to be prime minister.

Speaking at a party event in Doncaster, Mr Farage said Mr Corbyn was “completely in denial” about allegations of anti-Semitism in Labour.

He also spoke about the Labour leader’s reported associations with Hamas and Hezbollah and said voters had told him they believed he was an “IRA sympathiser”.

Addressing the audience at Doncaster Racecourse, Mr Farage said: “Just look at Jeremy Corbyn on the BBC last night. He’s completely in denial, isn’t he?

“His friendships with Hamas, his friendships with Hezbollah, a very, very extreme cult has taken over the Labour Party.

“He doesn’t look like a prime minister. He also, and I’m being told in Yorkshire by people, had it from several people, that actually the man is effectively an IRA sympathiser to boot and people feel very strongly about that.”

Mr Farage said he believed the Brexit Party would take “a huge number” of Labour votes because of Mr Corbyn and the party’s policies on Brexit and immigration.

He said: “Not only will lots of Labour voters vote for us in Doncaster, I think lots of Labour voters will simply stay at home.

“They will not be able, even if they’ve voted Labour all their lives, they will not be able to vote for this man, who does not look like a prime minister and who, frankly, is not fit to be a prime minister.”

He added: “I think, at this election, we should be telling Labour candidates that their position, their breach of promise on both Brexit and on the immigration issue, is absolutely unacceptable, dishonest and we’re going to teach them a lesson at the ballot box.”

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