What the papers say – November 26

The slings and arrow of political campaigning dominates today’s front pages, and Strictly Come Dancing also get a look in.

The Guardian leads on a new report saying child poverty “will surge to 60-year high under Tories”.

The Daily Mirror‘s splash says Labour is putting a radical overhaul of social care at the centre of a plan to restore old age pensioners’ “dignity and respect”.

The Sun reports that just 30,000 voters in swing seats hold the key to the UK election.

The i leads with a story about Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to take pension inequality.

The Times splashes with a story quoting the UK’s chief rabbi as saying Mr Corbyn is not fit for high office, which the Daily Mail also covers.

The Daily Express says thousands of women who take HRT are being turned away from pharmacies because of a worsening drugs shortage.

And the Financial Times reports that rideshare company Uber has lost its license to operate in London, a story also covered by Metro.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Mr Corbyn’s future “could be up for discussion as the price of a deal with the SNP or Liberal Democrats”.

And, according to the Daily Star, Strictly Come Dancing has been “rocked by a shock ballroom romance”.