David Gauke posts funny voter video with surprise twist

Independent candidate David Gauke has posted a humorous video online in which he interviews a constituent who appears to have been persuaded to change political allegiance.

The former Tory minister appears alongside Jim, a "dismayed longstanding Conservative" who Mr Gauke says is now backing him.

"One of the things we are finding in this election campaign is lots of long-standing Conservative voters who are unhappy with the direction of the Conservative Party and are looking to vote elsewhere," says Mr Gauke.

"I've got one here, it's Jim."

Jim admits that he has been a Conservative voter for over 50 years and that he has always been "middle of the road".

"I am dismayed what has happened to the Conservative Party now," he says.

"I could not vote for the Conservative Party now, or the Labour Party of course. Where I live I would have to vote Liberal Democrat."

Jim adds that if he were living in Mr Gauke's constituency, he would "certainly" vote for him.

Mr Gauke replies: "Thanks Dad," revealing Jim to be his father.

The candidate for south-west Hertfordshire announced he was standing as an independent earlier in November, after years of serving as a Tory minister.

Whilst out interviewing constituents from south-west Hertfordshire, a reporter from PA inadvertently asked Mr Gauke's wife to comment on his defection, to which she replied: "well I'm Mrs Gauke, so I probably shouldn't."

Mr Guake responded to the incident saying that it was "probably for the best".

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