Coastal erosion unearths mysterious skeletons in Wales

Researchers responding to the potential loss of burial sites from coastal erosion, recently unearthed a number of 'shipwrecked' skeletons on the Vale of Glamorgan Heritage Coast, in Wales.

According to Prof Jacqui Mulville from Cardiff University, researchers found a total of six sets of skeletal remains that were buried side-by-side or in small groups, apart from one.

The University of Cardiff team found that many of the bones had already been lost to the sea; While other remains were scattered further away from the initial dig site.

Prof Mulville told BBC News Wales: "Our latest thinking is that these are Tudor or Stuart men who may have been the victims of shipwreck.

"We aim to tell more of their stories and return their identities to them through ongoing post-excavation analysis."

Researchers at the University of Cradiff

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