Prince Andrew's defence over Epstein stay is 'ridiculous and galling', says Royal watcher

A leading Royal commentator has labelled Prince Andrew's explanation of why he stayed with Jeffrey Epstein after his conviction for sex crimes as "ridiculous and galling" on LBC.

Speaking to Andrew Castle on LBC, Jennie Bond said: "It's quite telling that he didn't outright deny the accusations.

"It's almost what he doesn't say as much as he does say.

"He defends himself, saying he stayed with Epstein after Mr Epstein had been convicted of of sex crimes because a) it was convenient. He could stay anywhere he wants, there are hotels, he has friends, he could stay with the Ambassador.

"But b) because he was too honourable. It's a ridiculous defence, isn't it?

"He doesn't say how stupid he was, he says he was too honourable. I find that a very curious and rather galling defence."

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