PM encouraged to deliver Brexit promises on election campaign visit

Boris Johnson has been told to deliver on his Brexit promises or face receiving an unpleasant letter.

The Prime Minister knocked on doors in Mansfield in a bid to boost the election cause of Tory candidate Ben Bradley, who won the seat from Labour in 2017 by a majority of 1,057.

They received a positive response from the four houses they visited in Millersdale Avenue, although one resident sought assurances over the Brexit deal on offer.

General Election 2019
Boris Johnson door-knocking in Mansfield with the party’s candidate Ben Bradley (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Susan Kitchen, 71, answered at the third house and held her dog Peggy while speaking to the PM about the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

She said afterwards her heart was going “ten to the dozen” and she was “absolutely shocked” to see Mr Johnson.

She told the PA news agency: “I told him I was worried about the deal he was making and asked him specifically if their laws could overrule our laws because that’s what I’ve heard.

“He said no, absolutely not, so I says to him if you’re wrong I’m going to write you a letter – and it won’t be pleasant.”

At the first house, Lucy Camm met the PM outside before he could reach the door and took a photo with him.

She said: “Jesus Christ, I cannot believe you are outside my mum and dad’s house. I cannot believe you’re in our street.

“You have definitely got our vote. We do not like Jeremy (Corbyn).”

Ms Camm told PA: “I just can’t believe he’s here.

“I wish I was kind of dressed a bit more appropriately and didn’t come running out in my socks, but it’s good though.”

Her mother Susan Camm, 70, also spoke with the PM.

Mr Johnson received a positive response at the second property while at the final house one man greeted Mr Johnson by saying: “It’s good to see you young man.”

Further planned Nottinghamshire visits to plant a tree, in connection with one of the party’s pledges, and to meet farmers were cancelled due to a change in the PM’s schedule.

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