CCTV captures moment out-of-control SUV comes inches from taking out scooter rider

A scooter rider was inches away from being hit by an out-of-control SUV in southwestern China.

The CCTV video, filmed in Guizhou Province, shows the speeding vehicle smashing into the curb and other stationary cars before knocking down a tree on the side of a pavement.

The SUV then slid forward for around ten metres and tipped over on the road.

A fortunate scooter rider luckily avoided being hit as the SUV flew past him.

The SUV driver, named Mr Pang, was reported to have taken some medicine before driving to pick up his son and felt tired, he then pressed the accelerator instead of the brake by mistake.

Thankfully, as Mr Pang was wearing a seat-belt, he was not injured.