Robert Carlyle gives foul-mouthed summary of his Brexit views

Robert Carlyle has given a foul-mouthed summary of his views on Brexit.

The Scottish actor, who has now made his home in Canada, said the division caused by Brexit is "very sad".

He is concerned that friends and family can be split by their opinions on the referendum.

The star of Trainspotting and the upcoming BBC series The War Of The Worlds said he believes Brexit is a "f****** disaster".

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, he added: "People are entitled to their opinion.

"Whether they voted remain or whether they voted to leave, that's up to them, their opinion's valid.

"But maybe it's interesting for people to see how the world views this all. It seems like a shocking thing to be happening.

"There are friends back home who have fallen out over this, families have fallen out, and I find it hard to believe that some political thing could cause such unrest. I don't know. It's very sad."

Carlyle currently resides in Vancouver, Canada, and is focused on projects that earn money for his family, rather than taking independent film work in the UK.

Carlyle stars in The War Of The Worlds, a female-led update based on the HG Wells novel, which is coming to the BBC.

The full interview with Carlyle is available in Radio Times magazine, out now.