Constituency profile: Blackpool South

Blackpool South, visited by Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday, is one of a number of Labour-held constituencies in north-west England that the Tories are keen to win.

Gordon Marsden has held the seat for Labour since 1997, but by a very small majority at each of the last three elections.

POLITICS Election Blackpool
POLITICS Election Blackpool

His majority in 2017 was just 2,523, down slightly from 2,585 in 2015. This time a swing of 3.7% would be enough for Blackpool South to change hands.

It ranks at number 28 on a list of Labour seats most vulnerable to the Tories.

Nonetheless Labour won a majority of votes cast in 2017 (just over 50%), with the Conservatives second (43%) and Ukip a distant third (4%).

Having been MP since 1997, Mr Marsden is likely to have a strong and loyal local following.

Gordon Marsden
Gordon Marsden

By contrast, the neighbouring seat of Blackpool North & Cleveleys is held by the Conservatives, and is a Labour target at this election.

Blackpool as an area voted 67.5% Leave in the 2016 EU referendum, the 27th highest Leave vote in the country.

The Brexit Party is planning to stand in Blackpool South, although they may have only a minor impact on what has long been an exclusively Labour-Conservative battleground.

If Blackpool South stays Labour on polling day, the Tories may have more success in picking up slightly more vulnerable Labour-held seats in the North West.

Warrington South needs a swing of 2.1% to change hands, while Crewe & Nantwich would fall to the Conservatives on a swing of just 0.1%.