Older woman drives mobility scooter through severe floods in Sheffield


Footage of an older woman on a mobility scooter braving the severe flooding in the north of England has taken the internet by storm.

Stephanie Jubb captured the moment the driver of the electric assistance vehicle ploughed into deep water on Chesterfield Road in Woodseats, Sheffield.

The 25-year-old said she captured the moment by chance after the woman drove past while she was filming the floodwater on Thursday.

"The woman just started driving and we were like 'she's not gonna do it, she's not gonna do it' and then she just carried on," Ms Jubb told the PA news agency.

"She didn't even lift her legs up or anything."

After a trip to the shops the woman later returned via the same route, driving back through the flooding.

"She's come back through it with her shopping bags, but we didn't get that on tape," Ms Jubb said.

The woman driving through the floods
The woman driving through the floods

The pharmacy dispenser said she "could not believe" the clip had gone viral, but added she felt the moment illustrated "northern spirit".

"The people up north are quite strong," Ms Jubb added.

"They just carry on doing their daily thing."