Plaid Cymru claims Wales would win Rugby World Cup under its government

Wales would be more likely to win the next Rugby World Cup under a Plaid Cymru government, the party has said.

Its grassroots sports spokeswoman said Plaid would increase investment into Welsh sport following Wales’ 40-17 loss to New Zealand in a third place play-off game in Tokyo on Friday.

Helen Mary-Jones said: “The route to success is investing in our young people, developing the sports men and women that will lead Wales on the sporting world stage in the future.

Helen Mary-Jones
Plaid Cymru’s grassroots sports spokeswoman Helen Mary-Jones (Nick Potts/PA)

“That is before we even mention the huge health benefits this programme would have.

“With such a radical programme of investment, we can give Wales the best possible chance of winning the next World Cup.”

Ms Mary-Jones said council budget cuts by the current Welsh Government under Labour meant spending on sports facilities and programmes had been cut by 36.3% compared to 2009/10.

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