Number of retiring MPs is almost double 2017 total

The number of MPs who are retiring from the House of Commons at the General Election is already nearly double the total who stood down in 2017.

Some 58 MPs have so far indicated they will not stand for re-election in December.

This compares with 31 who retired from the Commons at the 2017 election.

The number standing down in 2017 was lower than at previous polls, probably because the election was unexpected and came only two years after the 2015 poll.

By contrast, 149 MPs retired from the Commons at the 2010 election.

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An average of 86 MPs stood down at general elections between 1979 and 2015, according to figures compiled by the House of Commons Library.

The MPs retiring at this election include members who have been in the Commons as far back as the 1970s.

Among the Labour departures, Ronnie Campbell has been MP for Blyth Valley since 1987, Ann Clwyd has represented Cynon Valley since 1984, Kevin Barron has been MP for Rother Valley since 1983, and Geoffrey Robinson has represented Coventry North West since 1976.

Conservative departures include Patrick McLoughlin, an MP since 1986, and Sir Nicholas Soames, an MP since 1983.

Ken Clarke is leaving the Commons after representing Rushcliffe since 1970.

He was a Conservative MP for almost the entire 49-year period, only recently losing the Tory whip when he voted for the Benn Act (to rule out no-deal).

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