Boozy couple's war of words escalates into a full-on fist fight

This is the moment a boozy British man and woman's war of words escalated into a full-on fist fight as they started punching each other - on an airport shuttle bus.

Video shows the man and woman - alleged to be a new couple - grappling on the floor of a shuttle bus as she hits him with horrified onlookers shouting: "Oi! Stop! After the Ryanair passengers broke up the fight, things kicked off minutes later - and the man proceeded to punch her in the head.

Onlookers say the woman repeatedly called the man "such a b*****d" while the man is thought to have called the woman a "psycho b***h".

Sources suggest the pair were separated but were locked on the shuttle bus outside the terminal while waiting for police to arrive.

The man was reported as getting off the bus as soon as the doors opened, with one source claiming to have seen him sat on a bench in Arrivals.

One stunned eyewitness said the woman told her she and the man were on holiday together to Alicante, Spain - despite being in a "very fresh relationship"

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