Restaurant introduces ‘split bill’ arrangement for first dates

A restaurant in Edinburgh has introduced a “split bill” arrangement for customers dining there on a first date.

Blackwood’s Bar and Grill hopes to remove any awkward conversations between potential partners by automatically handing them half the bill at the end of a meal.

Anyone wishing to take up the option at the restaurant, part of boutique hotel Nira Caledonia on Gloucester Place in Edinburgh’s New Town, is able to say so while booking over the phone or online.

Garry Harding, Blackwood’s restaurant manager, hailed the “21st century arrangement” as another feature to set his venue apart in the city.

He said: “When the bill arrives, it can cause some uncomfortable conversations between two people and we’ve made it our business to help get rid of that awkwardness.

“Our setting here at Nira Caledonia is very romantic and the menu at Blackwood’s really lends itself to sharing so it just makes sense.

“We like to do things differently and there’s no other restaurant in the city offering anything like this.

“Likewise, it won’t be forced upon couples – we won’t be making any assumptions about whether it’s the first date or not.

“Guests need only mention it whilst making the booking either over the phone or online via the website.”

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