Grandmother, 70, 'comes back to life' moments before she was about to be cremated

A grandmother 'came back to life' moments before she was about to be cremated in Thailand. Phinij Sopajorn, 70, had been suffering from a severe goitre when she stopped breathing at the hospital last Sunday (October 20) night.

The doctor let the family take the body for a Buddhist funeral and they kept her in a cold coffin at the local temple for three days. The casket was unloaded from the hearse yesterday (October 23) and taken to the area where the ceremony was taking place.

However, just before the body was about to be loaded into the incinerator, her husband Thawin Sopajorn, 73, began washing her face with a damp flannel, which is a traditional funeral custom. Thawin noticed that his wife was gently breathing and that her eyes flickered.

He immediately called for help and paramedics arrived and performed CPR before declaring that Phinij was still alive. The family took her body home where they laid it out next to a warm fan and put hot water bottles on her chest.

Delighted Thawin said that he suspected his wife was still alive because her body had not stiffened. He said: "After she stopped breathing on Sunday we put her into the coffin and I thought it was strange that her body was not stiff. I bathed her and her body still moved.

"Then during the funeral, I was the last person to touch her before the cremation. I prayed for her to live a happy next life and then I saw her eyes start to move."