Triumph and disaster: Papers react to latest Brexit developments

Drama in the Commons over the Prime Minister’s efforts to secure Brexit feature heavily in Wednesday’s papers, with pictures of a Parliament divided on many fronts.

The front page of the Daily Mail said “Trust this lot to turn triumph into disaster!” along with a photo of Parliamentarians after Boris Johnson won what it called a “historic vote”.

“European leaders have become as exasperated as the British public over Westminster’s Brexit Punch and Judy show,” the paper’s editorial said inside.

The Daily Telegraph’s leader stated that the ongoing “saga can only end with an election”.

It praised Mr Johnson for “how hard he tried” and encouraged the Parliament to “vote itself out of existence when the opportunity comes”.

“Let the people decide this matter, once again, at the ballot box,” the editorial concluded.

The Guardian said the Parliament “puts brakes” on the PM, with columnist Rafael Behr noting an “anxiety” which “contains the recognition that Johnson’s deal is a sleight of hand”.

The Sun’s Matt Dathan wrote that Westminster has “turned into a tragic roundabout” while columnist Quentin Letts said “Britain has had enough of the grumps and glumbuckets”.

The PM “increasingly has the public on his side,” Leo McKinstry wrote in the Daily Express, adding that the Opposition “may well reap the whirlwind they deserve at the next election”.

The “do or die” promise of “Lying Boris” has failed and Britons deserve “more than a desperate plan scribbled on the back of a cigarette packet,” according to the Daily Mirror editorial.

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