Bus deliberately crashes into taxi which blocks its way after driver was encouraged by passengers

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Taxi being struck
Taxi being struck

A bus driver has been caught deliberately crashing into a taxi which had previously blocked its path. What's more the CCTV footage shows the driver being encouraged by passengers in northern China.

The shocking video, filmed in Songyuan city in Jilin province, shows a taxi suddenly driving to the front of a bus and the driver coming out of the vehicle to argue with the bus driver.

After the taxi driver got back into his vehicle and started to move, the bus suddenly bumped into the taxi.

According to reports, the two drivers had an argument after they did not give way to each other.

After the taxi driver stopped in front of the bus and blocked it, passengers on the bus encouraged the bus driver to hit the vehicle.

Several passengers fell down and were injured during the collision. Both of the drivers involved in the incident were arrested on October 18.