James O'Brien says the new Brexit slogan is the most insidious yet

The oft-used slogan "get Brexit done" has sparked the anger of LBC radio host James O'Brien, who today labelled it 'most insidious' all the government's slogans.

The Prime Minister wrote to the EU to request a delay to Brexit this weekend, but is still aiming get his withdrawal agreement through parliament and have the UK leave on October 31.

He has regularly used the slogan "get Brexit done" saying that he wants to move on to other issues on the domestic agenda.

However, the LBC host pointed out that the withdrawal agreement is only the start of the Brexit process, after which a trade deal needs to be thrashed out and agreed. O'Brien said: "I've been talking for a while now about how it's not the beginning of the end, it's the end of the beginning.

"That's why I'm suggesting to you that let's 'get Brexit done'... of all the hollow, dangerous, meaningless slogans that have fallen apart under scrutiny in the last four years, I think this one might be the most insidious of all."

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