What the papers say – October 20

The front page headlines on Sunday range from despair to delight that the UK is still part of the EU.

The Sunday Times leads with a story saying Prime Minister Boris Johnson is battling the “Brexit wreckers”, while TheSunday Telegraph splash says he has refused to sign a Brexit delay letter.

TheMail on Sunday calls the Parliament “The House of fools”.

The Observer, though, says Mr Johnson suffered a “humiliating defeat”. The Sunday Mirror also says the PM was humiliated and adds that he’s been “forced to beg EU for Brexit delay”.

TheIndependent says a million people marched on Westminster to demand a final say on Brexit.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Express asks “Why won’t they let us leave?”

The Daily Star Sunday leads on a story saying a former EastEnders star is now working in a shop as a security guard.

And the Sunday People claims notorious female killers Myra Hindley and Rose West had a relationship while in prison.

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