Thousands march on Westminster to demand vote on Brexit deal

Thousands of people who support a second EU referendum are marching on Parliament to demand a vote on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Effigies of the Prime Minister are being held aloft by protesters, with some accompanied by their pets draped in EU flags, on the People’s Vote march to Westminster.

A number of celebrities and politicians have joined the march, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan pictured alongside Star Trek legend Sir Patrick Stewart and actor Stephen McGann at the front of the crowd as the march set off from Park Lane on Saturday afternoon.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, centre, was at the front of the march (Andrew Matthews/PA)

Television chef Rick Stein shared an image of himself at the march, declaring “We are European”, while food critic Jay Rayner tweeted from the protest: “We march because we have to.”

Protesters are making their way through central London towards Parliament Square, where they are due to hear from celebrity speakers including Sir Patrick and Great British Bake Off presenter Sandi Toksvig.

Opposition MPs are also due to address the crowds, including Labour’s Jess Phillips and Liberal Democrat Luciana Berger.

One group of protesters spotted near Downing Street were pulling a float depicting Number 10 aide Dominic Cummings using Mr Johnson as a puppet.

With “Demonic Cummings” splashed across its forehead, the figure on the float appears to be wearing a Nazi uniform, including an armband which reads Get Brexit Done, and has a Union Jack moustache.

Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings were depicted on one float joining the march (Andrew Matthews/PA)

The float was being manned by Phil Jeanes, 67, who said he had driven the sculpture from Dusseldorf in Germany on Thursday night.

Mr Jeanes is part of a group called EU Flag Mafia, and has lived in Essen for the last nine years with his German wife.

He said the float had been specifically designed for the People’s Vote march by the German artist Jacques Tilly.

It is the fourth model designed by the artist, who also made a sculpture of Theresa May with her nose impaling a man in a bowler hat.

“He put 14 sketches together and we chose what we thought would be the best,” Mr Jeanes, who is retired, said.

“I suppose we were always intending to do a float for this march and you have to wait and see what is happening at the time.”

Many of the protesters waved EU flags (Andrew Matthews/PA)

Meanwhile, pro-Brexit activists also gathered in Westminster

Jason Hurt, 48, from Sheffield, was sporting a “I voted Leave” T-shirt, and said he feels people who voted for Brexit are being ignored.

“I voted Leave, I want my voice heard,” he said.

“It is always about the Remainers, never about the Leavers. There are 17.4 million of us, we never get our voices heard.”

Pam Julian, from Bermondsey, south-east London, held a sign which read: “Screw EU, we want our country back” – but said she has nothing against Europe.

The 68-year-old said Brexit is about regaining her independence.

“It is not just about trade or what Boris is saying. The main thing is to regain our independence, to be able to self-govern,” she said.

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