Nigel Farage calls on MPs to reject Boris Johnson's Brexit deal

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage called on MPs to reject Boris Johnson's deal during the meaningful vote in Parliament on Saturday.

Mr Farage said the revised deal was no different to the one put forward to Parliament by Theresa May earlier in the year.

Mr Farage has come under fire after attacking Jean-Claude Juncker for saying the EU should not agree to delay the UK's withdrawal from the bloc beyond October 31.

Despite Mr Farage repeatedly insisting Britain must quit the EU on Halloween, with or without a deal, the arch-Brexiteer took a swipe at the European Commission president's stance.

Former de-facto deputy prime minister Damian Green was among those to poke fun at Mr Farage over his comments.

Asked if he would be prepared to back a Brexit delay, Mr Juncker said: "There will be no prolongation.

"We have concluded a deal and so there is not an argument for further delay – it has to be done now."

Responding to Mr Juncker's comments, Mr Farage tweeted: "So an unelected, retiring bureaucrat says: No extension, take this new treaty or just leave.

"He is overriding the Benn Act. The EU shows itself to be a thuggocracy – power without accountability. Appalling people."

Former first secretary of state Mr Green used a famous, much used, meme of a couple walking past a woman and the man looking back at her, to apparently imply that the Brexit Party leader was not sticking by his stated beliefs.

Under the terms of the so-called Benn Act, the PM must write to the EU requesting a Brexit delay if a withdrawal deal has not been secured by October 19.