Family lucky to be alive after car rammed in road rage attack

This shocking video shows a road rage attack on a mum-of-three who says she's "lucky to be alive".

Kirsty Greenman, 32, suffered horrific facial injuries after her stationary Audi A3 was hit side-on by a Seat Leon just as she was getting into it.

Housewife Kirsty was struck in the face by her own car door which cut her lip and ripped the gums from her teeth.

She had to be rushed to hospital where her wound was stitched and she was left eating and drinking through a straw for four days last month.

She now fears she may have to have her front teeth removed as a result of nerve damage.

Attack was sparked by an earlier incident

The smash was the climax of an hour-long ordeal in which her family were involved in a dispute with two young men who were driving the black Seat Leon.

The road rage attack was sparked by an earlier incident after Kirsty's partner Charlie Herbert claimed he had been 'cut-up' by the Seat Leon at a crossing at Bradford, West Yorks.

The two cars met by chance some time later at a junction when the incident happened. CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment the angry unnamed driver aimed his car directly at Kirsty's vehicle - smashing into the passenger side of their vehicle at speed.

Kirsty, Charlie, 25, and son, Keaton, 12, from Bradford, when the incident happened at around 3pm on Friday September 20.

'It's a lot of trauma and we just want to get justice'

She said: "I can't sleep because I keep having visions of a car trying to hit me.

"It's a lot of trauma and we just want to get justice for what has happened.

"It was all over road rage. This was crazy and he came after us.

"I am worried that these guys are still out there.

"It gives me nightmares. I am scared to go out in the car. What happened to us was unimaginable."

A spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police said: "We are aware of the incident and enquiries are ongoing."

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