Idiot motorist falls off motorbike after attempting a wheelie

This is the funny moment an idiot motorcyclist in Swansea fell off while trying to do a wheelie - leaving him to dash after his runaway bike.

Dash cam footage shows an unidentified man riding a green motorcycle and parking between two cars stuck in traffic. After he waited for a clear run, he turned back down the road and tried to pull off a daring wheelie.

But in a spectacular fail, he lost control of the vehicle, and after his feet came off the pedals he was left to run along behind the motorcycle, before tumbling into the road.

The idiot motorist then allegedly got up, looked embarrassed and fled the scene as fast as he could.

The onlooker said: "It's funny looking back now, when no one was hurt.

"But he was a complete plonker.

"I was driving down the road heading to work, when I saw this guy come up behind me.

The eyewitness added: "It could have been so much worse for so many people."He looked embarrassed."

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