Maajid Nawaz offers a 'reality check' to those celebrating Cardinal Newman's sainthood

Pope Francis made British Victorian cardinal John Henry Newman a saint today at a Vatican ceremony attended by Prince Charles - but LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz wants to offer a reality check on this.

Nawaz said: "Cardinal Newman has been given a sainthood, the first one in England for many, many years. To get a sainthood, you need to prove two miracles.

"One of his miracles is because a lawyer in America suffered a miscarriage, prayed to Cardinal Newman for the bleeding to stop and the bleeding did.

"Can I just, among all this jingoism that we're glad that we finally got another English saint, can I just a reality check? In the real world, men, human beings, are unable to change the laws of physics, to change your biology, just by thinking it. I'm sorry but someone needed to say that because this is silly.

"The Prince of Wales, our crown price, has written a column for the newspapers and is all out there celebrating the fact another Englishman has been made a saint and no one is saying the obvious.

"The obvious is no human being by thinking it can change the laws of physics - and that just needs to be said. There, I said it."

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