Woman whose mum was murdered reveals why she's against the death penalty

A woman whose mother was murdered has told presenter James O'Brien of LBC why she is against the death penalty for anyone.

James was discussing the US trial of the Isis Beatles, in which they could be given the death penalty.

The caller named Charlotte said: "I'm really against the death penalty. And I feel I'm particularly qualified to talk about it because my Mum was murdered in March 2004. The man that did it was released last September.

"I felt it was really unfair because he gets to start again and my Mum never did.

"But then I thought about if he was my child - because I have a son - and people do do these things and people can be really sorry. And people can actually learn from what they've done.

"When I switch it round like that, I feel that everybody deserves an opportunity to repent.

"Prison should be about rehabilitation. All anyone ever talks about is punishment, but that's why we have so many reoffenders, because all we ever seem to do is punish. We don't ever try to make them better people."

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