Rubbish robber uses garbage bin to hide face from CCTV

Two inept robbers broke into a building in southern India looking to rob the place, but were almost immediately caught on camera.

As they entered the building, a vocational training centre for women in Thalakudi near Trichy, they were taken aback to see a CCTV camera in the main training room, which had sewing machines.

They rushed to an adjoining room to dodge the camera.

One of them, who seemed to have developed cold feet, played it safe and stayed put.

But his partner in crime, who was more enterprising, entered the training room using a trash bin to conceal his face from the CCTV camera.

He was filmed rummaging through the facility to find valuables. Police said they had clues about the two men and are looking for them.

"They were not very smart. The guy using the trash bin to cover his face even peeped at the CCTV camera revealing his face," said an officer.

For all their hard work the two thieves reportedly managed to find a paltry Rs 2,500 (£27 GBP) as the sewing machines were too heavy to carry.

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