Johnson asked US businesswoman to ‘show him a few things on her pole’

US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri said Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked her to "show him a few things" on the pole in her London flat.

The former model said Mr Johnson had visited her flat a "handful" of times after they met when he was London mayor.

Ms Arcuri said they had bonded over "classical literature and Shakespeare" and a shared passion for London.

She added: "I feel like that mutual interest almost endeared him to me from the get-go because we found something we both liked and we were both passionate about London."

Jennifer Arcuri: I never, ever received favouritism from Boris JohnsonThe technology entrepreneur told ITV's Good Morning Britain on Monday that she did not have time for the media attention surrounding Mr Johnson when they met in public.

She added: "We tried having drinks out in public or having lunch; it just became too much of a mob show, so I said 'You just have to come to my office'."

When asked, Ms Arcuri confirmed that her office was in her Shoreditch flat.

Jennifer Arcuri: I never, ever received favouritism from Boris JohnsonMs Arcuri said the Prime Minister "asked me to show him a few things" on the pole she had in her London home.

Describing the kit as a "conversation starter", she said she and Mr Johnson "always had a laugh about it".

She added: "The pole stood in the living room, yes, he saw the pole."

Asked directly whether Mr Johnson had ever used the pole, Ms Arcuri said: "I'm never going to tell you that."

Ms Arcuri said that after giving Mr Johnson her number, he had messaged her saying "Boris calling Jennifer".

She said the text had come through when she was out with friends, who suggested putting him under the code name "Alexander the Great".

She added: "They said put him under a code name and they said call him Alexander the Great, so I put him in as Alexander the Great and that's where he stayed."

Ms Arcuri ended the interview by saying she had a "close bond" with the Prime Minister and wished him well in the Brexit negotiations.

Explaining that the pair stopped speaking regularly when she fell pregnant in late 2016, the businesswoman said: "I think Boris has enough on his plate right now.

"Three years ago, he told us Britain needs to leave the EU, and I wish him all the best with that.

"I want him to stay focused on the job.

"I don't need him right now, Britain needs him right now."

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