'Drunk' and angry demolition worker smashes boss' £100,000 range rover during 'threat to life' digger rampage

This is the moment an enraged demolition worker smashed up a truck and his boss' £100,000 Range Rover during an alcohol-fuelled digger rampage.

In footage captured on CCTV, the driver is seen crashing into the black 4x4 vehicle before destroying a truck during the attack, which has been described as a 'serious threat to life'.

The carnage took place at Thomas Crompton Demolition in Bradford, West Yorkshire on Saturday morning.


Staff at the company premises were alerted to the attack and rushed outside to pull the man from the driver's cab, as the digger thundered towards a 60-vehicle fleet valued at £6million.

Employees, including one woman - Margaret - can be seen running over to the digger, with two getting into the cab to pull him out.

The driver falls out of the cab onto his back, when somebody tells him: "You are in trouble."


But the man slurs in response: "I know I'm in trouble, I don't give a f**k."

Owner Thomas Crompton, 53, said the driver showed "no regard for anybody whatsoever" after he was told there was no work for him at the depot on that day.

Mr Crompton said: "There was a serious threat to life here.

"We have no doubt in our minds that he would have gone to do some serious damage if we had not have stopped him.

"We had staff in and around, working on-site, he had no regard for anybody else whatsoever.

"This is a man who had been having problems for a while.


"He lost his mother a bit back and we have been helping him with time off and funeral costs.

"But on Saturday morning, when he came by the depot at 7am, I told him there was no driving work on today and he left."

West Yorkshire Police confirmed they had arrested a 52-year-old man on suspicion of criminal damage.

Damage to Thomas Crompton's Range Rover caused by an employee who went rogue with a 360 digger - 2nd October 2019 . See SWNS story SWLEdigger. This is the shocking moment a disgruntled worker in a digger went on the rampage at a demolition site - smashing his boss' £100,000 Range Rover and a truck. In a series of CCTV and mobile phone footage, the driver can be seen crashing into a black top-of-the-range 4x4 before wheeling off to pummel a second vehicle on Saturday morning (28 Sept). Staff at Thomas Crompton Demolition, Bradford, West Yorks., where then alerted to what was going on and rushed out to the vehicle to pull the man from the cab. Owner Thomas Crompton today (WED) told how they feared the employee was heading towards their fleet of 60 vehicles - valued at £6m pounds.

A statement read: "At 10.27am on Saturday, September 28 police received a report of damage being caused to vehicles at business premises in Bowling Back Lane, Bradford.

"Officers attended and arrested a 52-year-old man on suspicion of criminal damage.

"He was later released on bail pending further enquiries."

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