Two teenagers caught speeding through morning traffic on a go-kart

This is the heart-stopping moment two teenagers were caught darting through morning traffic on a go-kart.

Footage shows the two teens speeding round a city centre roundabout before weaving themselves in between traffic. The pair were spotted in Newport, south Wales.

The red and black go-kart has since been seized by police, who are currently trying to track down the driver and passenger.

Eyewitness Darran Ward, 43, said: "I was on my way to work to work with the dogs when I heard this pretty interesting noise.

"I'm a keen motorbike enthusiast so I instinctively got my phone out when I heard it.

"Then low and behold I saw this go-kart zip through the traffic by these two teenagers.

"I honestly just found it hilarious.

"It's the most Newport thing I have seen in a long time. It's getting more Mad Max post-apocalyptic by the day.

"I didn't film it with the intention of getting anyone in trouble.

"They were actually quite good. I think they should take it up competitively."

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