No plans for Rees-Mogg to ask Queen for prorogation this weekend, source says

A fresh decision to prorogue Parliament is yet to be made, it has been insisted, after a report suggested Jacob Rees-Mogg could request one from the Queen as soon as this weekend.

Boris Johnson needs a new suspension if he is to outline his legislative programme for the next session in a Queen’s speech on the original date of October 14.

The Supreme Court ruled the Prime Minister’s five-week prorogation as the Halloween Brexit deadline loomed was unlawful because it frustrated or prevented Parliament from its duties, in part because of its duration.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson needs a suspension of Parliament for a Queen’s Speech (David Mirzoeff/PA)

A shorter one to prepare for a Queen’s speech on the original date, however, could be feasible.

The Times reported on Wednesday that the Commons Leader would approach the monarch as soon as this weekend to ask for another prorogation.

But a Government source said: “Parliament will be prorogued for as many days as is needed to ready the Palace (of Westminster) for the Queen’s speech.

“The decision on proroguing has not yet been made.”

Mr Johnson spoke to the Queen while he was in New York last week after the judges revealed their historic ruling.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman on Monday said the Government is “looking at the precise implications” of the Supreme Court judgment when asked about a new Queen’s speech.

With the PM having lost any semblance of a Commons majority, it is unlikely MPs would back his legislative agenda.

But it would allow him to set out his stall for an anticipated general election.

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