Harry and Meghan meet Nelson Mandela’s widow in South Africa

Nelson Mandela’s widow has offered the Duke and Duchess of Sussex the opportunity of the trio working together.

The couple, who will launch their Sussex Royal foundation next year, met with Graca Machel, the widow of the former South African president and anti-apartheid revolutionary, on their final day in Johannesburg.

It was Meghan’s first meeting with the statesman’s widow, and when they first met, the duchess said “It’s so good to see you”.

Mrs Machel replied: “It’s wonderful meeting you. I’m sure we’re going to be working together in the future. I can feel the vibe.”

“Thank you,” said Meghan.

Mrs Machel, who last saw Harry during his visit to South Africa in 2015, said to the duke: “Harry, welcome, it’s so good to see you again.”

Harry told her: “You look amazing. How do you manage it?”

The couple were meeting Mrs Machel at the Johannesburg residence of Emma Wade-Smith, the British trade commissioner to Africa.

Once inside, Meghan sat on a sofa alongside Mrs Machel, telling her “I’ve been holding things down on this side”, while Harry said: “I’ve done five or six countries in the past nine days.”

Mrs Machel told Harry: “It was so nice to see you in Angola. The Princess of Wales and all the steps she has taken. It was wonderful.”

Nelson Mandela centenary exhibition
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their visit to the Nelson Mandela centenary exhibition (Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA)

On July 17 last year, the day before what would have been Mr Mandela’s 100th birthday, Harry and Meghan celebrated Mandela’s life and legacy with a visit to the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition at London’s Southbank Centre.

Mr Mandela, who died in 2013, was a close friend of the Queen, and the pair exchanged warm letters, calling each other by their first names.

Mr Mandela hosted the Queen during her state visit to South Africa in 1995.

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