Christians clash with spiritualists outside Cornish tea room

An unholy row erupted at a quiet village tea room when a group of Christians clashed with spiritualists attending a medium event.

The bizarre flashpoint was sparked when Jo Brown, owner at Mrs B's Tearoom, organised the mediumship event with clairvoyant Deby Ould.

A dozen people attended the spiritualist event in St Keverne, Cornwall, but it was cut short when a group of bible-bashers surrounded the building shortly after it started.

Tearoom owner Jo went out to confront the chanting Christians but claims she was so intimidated she threatened the group with the police.

She said: "I heard chanting so I went out to ask if they would mind keeping the noise down. Then one woman threw her arms in the air and shouted 'No, no, no'. She ignored me and continued - when they wouldn't go away I started to record them.

"The woman told me that what we were doing was totally wrong and dangerous. I told her we weren't doing any harm and said that they speak to gravestones and this was our way of contacting the people we have lost.

"They started telling me I should speak to the vicar and preaching the bible. In the end they did leave after I threatened to call the police."

She added: "The people at the event were distracted - I did feel for one of the ladies because the Reverend stood staring at her.

"It was intimidating and disruptive. I have since complained about the incident to the Rector of the United Benefice of St Keverne. It was totally wrong and out of order."

Reverend Deirdre Mackrill, assistant curate of St Keverne Church, denied that the group was disruptive or intimidating. She said that group was praying for the protection of the individuals involved in the mediumship.

"We were holding an event in church, it was a prayer meeting which is attended by members from all the parish who come to St Keverne to pray," she said.

'We wanted to pray for their protection'

"There is a fairly recently opened café and we had learned that there was going to be a séance, so we decided to pray for the protection of the people who would be attending the séance.

"So many people know when you start to dabble in the occult, it can be really dangerous so we wanted to pray for their protection.

"Part of the way through, some of us felt called to go out and stand outside in the square. We didn't have placards and we weren't shouting. We just stood there and prayed.

"It clearly says in the bible - and we believe the bible is the word of God - it says do not try and make contact with the dead. If any of you are mediums or spiritualists, don't do it."

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