Man engulfed in flames after stepping on voltage cable

Staff writer

This is the shocking moment a man was engulfed in flames in the street - after he stepped on a high voltage cable.

Subham Soni, 20, went up in flames after he stood on the exposed cable and suffered burns to 25 percent of his body.

Terrifying CCTV footage shows his trousers set alight, and him running around looking for help.His legs became covered in flames and he was rushed to hospital for treatment on burns to his skin.The incident happened in Mumbai, India.

Video footage from a nearby street camera shows how Subham, wearing flip-flops, jeans and a shirt, jumped into the air after standing on the wire by accident.Sparks and flames created a flash of light and ignited his clothing.

A panicked Subham then ran around in the street desperately trying to put the flames out.

He suffered 25 percent burns to his skin and will take around 20 days to recover fully, according to medics.