Ghostly wheelchair spooks hospital staff in north India

A wheelchair ominously began moving on its own in a government-owned hospital in northern India. CCTV cameras at the newly built extension wing at a research centre in Chandigarh caught the unusual sight in the early hours.

A wheelchair, which had been left parked, started rolling on its own towards the exit, even sliding down a ramp and out into the garden. The incident was witnessed by a security guard, Manoj Kumar, who later fetched the wheelchair and put it back.

The footage sparked intense speculation among hospital staff that the wheelchair was moved by a ghost, which wanted to break out of the hospital.

Many staff members reportedly became reluctant to work in the night shift due to the alleged supernatural presence.

A doctor in the hospital said the wheelchair had been pushed by a gust as it was parked in a partially uncovered area.

"It rolled on the smooth floor and went out. It was just wind and not any ghost," she said.

Manoj Kumar, who was part of a three member security team on duty at the time, said: "One of us had gone for the rounds and another was inside. I came out to drink water and I saw the wheelchair moving on its own,

"It was just wind nothing else. I was also feeling very cold," he added.