Ex-PM Sir John Major calls on Johnson to apologise over suspension of Parliament

Former prime minister Sir John Major hit out at Boris Johnson’s behaviour after the Supreme Court ruled his suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

Sir John, who took part in the Supreme Court case, said the Prime Minister should apologise to Parliament for his actions.

In a stinging comment aimed at one of his successors, Sir John said: “No Prime Minister must ever treat the monarch or Parliament in this way again.”

Screengrab taken from the Supreme Court in London of Lord Garnier QC, representing Sir John Major (Supreme Court/PA)

The ex-premier said: “This was a case that should never have had to be considered, and it gave me no pleasure to be pitted against a Government and Prime Minister of my own Party.

“Parliament must now be recalled immediately to recommence its work, and to receive the Prime Minister’s unreserved apology.

“I hope this ruling from the Supreme Court will deter any future Prime Minister from attempting to shut down Parliament, with the effect of stifling proper scrutiny and debate, when its sitting is so plainly in the national interest.”

Sir John thanked his legal team, led by former solicitor general Lord Garnier QC for their work on the Supreme Court case.

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