UK will take full advantage of Brexit freedom, says Johnson

Boris Johnson says Britain will take full advantage of “all the freedoms Brexit can give” after it leaves the EU.

The Prime Minister says he wants the UK to have the “most competitive tax rates”, with “better” regulation for key sectors, once it is free of the constraints from Brussels.

Speaking on Tuesday to US and Canadian business leaders in New York, where he is attending the UN General Assembly, he will promise to “roll out the red carpet” for firms seeking to locate in the UK.

“As we come out of the EU, we are going up a gear. We are going to take advantage of all the freedoms that Brexit can give,” he will say.

“Whether that is new tax allowances for investment, or speeding up public procurement contracts, or creating free ports and new enterprise zones, or devising better regulation for the sectors in which the UK leads the world.

“We want a market that is open to the world, with the most competitive tax rates and the best skilled workforce in the hemisphere.

“And so I say to our American friends, we will roll out the red carpet.”

Mr Johnson will say the Government is increasing the number of visas it is issuing to scientists to work in the UK while ensuring US visitors are able to use the electronic e-passport system at Heathrow.

“This year, our country takes a giant step out into the world,” he will say.

“We do it with confidence to make Britain the best place in the world to start, run and build a business.

“The place you will want to be, the place you will want your business to be. And that’s why I say to everyone here, come and join us.”

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