David Cameron leaves This Morning hosts giggling after four-letter gaffe

David Cameron left This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby giggling after mistakenly saying he “shat” at the television during the EU referendum campaign.

The former prime minister apologised for having “broken a new boundary” on daytime TV after he misspoke when asked about the Leave campaign’s controversial red bus.

In 2016, Boris Johnson and other senior Vote Leave figures toured the country in a bus which claimed £350 million a week was given to the EU which could be spent on the NHS.

Boris Johnson with the Vote Leave bus
Boris Johnson with the Vote Leave bus (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Mr Cameron was told people would have been “spitting at the TV” because of the bus, and replied on the ITV programme: “Believe me I did more than… I shat at the, shouted at the TV.”

Mr Schofield joked: “Did you? We all did and have done ever since.”

Mr Cameron added: “Sorry, I shouted at the TV, it was incredibly frustrating.”

At this point the hosts cracked up as Mr Cameron tried to continue his answer, noting: “Yes we do give money to Brussels but nothing like what was on the side of the bus.

“Excuse me, sorry, shout, shout, shout, yes, yes, we’ve broken a new boundary on daytime television for which I’m very sorry.”

Mr Schofield added: “You never said that on Newsnight, that’s for sure.”

'I was packing up the house, and I was dancing around our kitchen, I had a beer and a few rollies…'@sammacameron wasn't expecting @theresa_may to appear as she got ready to leave Number 10! pic.twitter.com/8fxhA0e11S

— This Morning (@thismorning) September 19, 2019

Mr Cameron appeared alongside his wife Samantha, who recalled their swift departure from Number 10 after the referendum.

She said: “I was packing up the house and I was dancing round our kitchen. I’d had a beer and a few rollies. It was the weekend and we had no children there.

“It was like a three-day marathon of packing with a couple of friends. Theresa (May) came up to have a look around the flat and we had a very nice exchange.”

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