Tom Swarbrick slams The Observer over comments on David Cameron

Tom Swarbrick, speaking on LBC, labelled the Observer newspaper "disgraceful" following an opinion piece on David Cameron.

The paper published a leader which featured a section criticising the former Prime Minister over his privilege by invoking the death of his disabled son Ivan in 2009 at the age of just six.

It read: "Mr Cameron has known pain and failure in his life, but it has always been limited failure and privileged pain. The miseries of boarding school at seven are entirely real and, for some people, emotionally crippling, but they come with an assurance that only important people can suffer that way.

"Even his experience of the NHS, which looked after his severely disabled son has been that of the better-functioning and better-funded parts of the system. Had he been forced to wrestle with the under-staffed and over-managed hospitals of much of England, or had he been trying to get the system to look after a dying parent rather than a dying child, he might had understood a little of the damage that his policies have done."

Swarbrick responded by saying it is: "I think that is absolutely disgraceful.

"To politicise the death of the child of someone who happens to be the Prime Minister. To apparently invoke a culture war over a dead kid is beneath a newspaper that - although I don't necessarily agree with it's political leanings at times - has some very good journalists and some very good columnists.

"That is disgraceful. That is how low some of our politics has sunk now, that we engage in the kind of class war politicisation of a child who suffered unimaginably and the mother and father who suffered unimaginably.

"I gather it has been changed and they've removed that paragraph. But I think that says something about our politics and it is truly, truly appalling."

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