Temperatures could reach 26C as two-week Indian Summer starts this weekend

People punt along the River Cam in Cambridge, England, Sunday Aug. 25, 2019, as the hot weather continues throughout the weekend. (Joe Giddens/PA via AP)

A tropical breeze will bring a two-week Indian summer of warm weather before the autumn takes hold.

Temperatures could rise to 26C in London and patches of the south-east before a slightly cooler band sweeps in on Sunday night which will last into Monday and Tuesday before it heats up again.

Although the north will experience some wet spells and gusts with a possible wind speed of 60mph in Scotland, the sun is expected to return to the UK for much of the week and into next weekend – averaging in the low 20s.

After a showery Monday next week there will be widespread sunshine from Tuesday as highs climb back to the mid-twenties next weekend.

The Met Office forecast mainly settled conditions with "warm sunshine" for up to two weeks, until the end of September.

A Met Office spokesperson told Yahoo News that the weather will stay warm into next week in the south at least.

"On Sunday we could see temperatures as high as 25 – then a band of cloud and rain will sink its way southwards into Monday.

"It might be a cooler couple of days on Monday and Tuesday and then it will start to warm up again later in the week.

"There will be sunny spells widely from Tuesday, with high pressure and a lot of tropical air being drawn up.

"On Thursday and Friday temperatures will likely be back up into the low 20s or mid-twenties."

20,000 beach visitors are expected in Brighton tomorrow as daytrippers clog coastal routes including the A23 to Brighton and A31 to Dorset.

John Hammond of weathertrending said: "Subtropical southerlies bring the prospect of fine, warm weather.

"The mid-20s may be seen, more typical of midsummer, before a downward trend in temperatures towards September 29."

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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