British travel blogger and her boyfriend who are being detained in Iran are mocked by Twitter trolls

Jolie King and her Australian boyfriend Mark Firkin are being detained after flying a drone in Iran (Instagram)

Twitter trolls are mocking British travel blogger Jolie King - who is being detained in Iran for flying a drone - for having a "white saviour complex" and claiming that she and her boyfriend were "asking for trouble".

King was arrested alongside her boyfriend Australian boyfriend Mark Firkin in early July after allegedly flying their drone near Tehran to show supposedly dangerous countries are "safe for visitors".

The pair were in the country while undertaking a round-the-world driving expedition they had been documenting online that started in Western Australia and was due to finish in London.

Firkin and King, who were travelling throughout Asia, were reportedly arrested about 10 weeks ago for flying a drone without a licence (Instagram)
Their travels are documented on various forms of social media under the name, The Way Overland. (Instagram)

The couple were reportedly arrested about 10 weeks ago, according to reports.

The pair have more than 21,000 followers on YouTube, where they document their travels as well as various forms of social media under the name, The Way Overland.

Their last YouTube video was uploaded on June 26.

Their last Instagram post was on the same day, promoting the YouTube video, and their last social media activity was in Pakistan.

While there has been outcry over their arrests, some commentators have been less than sympathetic.

One comment posted from Iran said: "Cry me a river. Iran has every right to arrest anyone who violated the law particularly that puts their interests at risk."

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian woman who has also been jailed in Iran (PA)

Another said "You're just asking for trouble. They knew very well it was illegal, and still chose to be the typical 'white tourists who break the rules'.. well now you face the consequences."

"If you don't respect the law, you get arrested in civilised part of the world. Don't fly drones without permission and licence particularly over military region. IRGC did a good job," while another wrote: "The white saviour complex in action."

Both couple's families said that they were unaware of the strict drone laws employed by the country and that the whole situation is a 'misunderstanding'.

Ms King had been "scared", "disoriented" and "intimidated" while kept in solitary confinement, the partner of another captive in the same prison – Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – said.

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