Has this LBC caller just solved the Brexit puzzle?

LBC presenter Iain Dale has praised a caller to his show for coming up with an "original" idea to solve the Brexit crisis.

John, from Rayleigh, suggested Boris Johnson could revoke Article 50, hold an election, invoke Article 50 and then leave the EU as soon as possible.

"If there's anybody in Downing Street listening to you, I think you might deserve a peerage for getting them out a hole with that suggestion," Dale said.

The caller explained that revoking Article 50 would remove the need for the Prime Minister to ask for an extension. In the general election that followed Johnson could win a majority big enough to invoke Article 50 again and then leave the EU the next day.

Dale said he couldn't think why this "ingenious" idea wouldn't work - but Twitter users were quick to find a stumbling block:

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