PM insists he wants new Brexit deal as No 10 says there will be no more delays

Boris Johnson has insisted he is committed to securing a new Brexit deal as Downing Street again made clear the Prime Minister would not countenance any further delay to Britain’s EU withdrawal

The Prime Minister, who was in Dublin for talks with Irish premier Leo Varadkar, said he believed it was possible to secure an agreement ahead of the UK’s scheduled departure at the end of October.

However, Mr Varadkar said that while Ireland was open to alternative solutions to the Northern Ireland backstop, they had yet to see any “legally workable” proposals from the UK.

Meanwhile, Downing Street has confirmed that Parliament will be prorogued at the end of business on Monday.

Opposition leaders meeting in Westminster confirmed they would block the Prime Minister’s latest attempt to force a general election in a vote later in the day.

Labour said they were determined to prevent Mr Johnson “crashing us out” of the EU in a no-deal Brexit in the midst of an election campaign.

Boris Johnson visit to Ireland
Boris Johnson meets Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Government Buildings, Dublin (Niall Carson/PA)

With the Bill requiring Mr Johnson to seek a further delay to Brexit if he cannot get a new deal set to become law, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said ministers did not intend to break the law.

At the same time, the spokesman reaffirmed the Mr Johnson’s declaration he was not prepared to seek another extension to the Article 50 withdrawal process.

“The Government will obey the law but the Prime Minister will not be asking for an extension,” the spokesman said.

“The Prime Minister’s Government will not be extending the Article 50 process. We will be leaving on October 31.”

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