PM’s concern after student police officer becomes unwell

Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked a student police officer if she was OK after she appeared to become unwell as he was answering questions from journalists.

Mr Johnson had been speaking for about 20 minutes when the young woman sat down behind him.

She was one of about 35 student officers who were standing in lines behind him, providing a backdrop to his speech at West Yorkshire Police’s operations and training complex in Wakefield.

The officers had been standing behind his lectern, in front of an old-style police box, for at least 20 minutes before the speech began.

The young woman officer appeared to hold her hat and then sit down as others around her looked concerned.

Colleagues sitting in the audience in front of the Prime Minister drew his attention to her plight, prompting him to turn and ask her: “Are you all right?”

As the officer sat with her head bowed, Mr Johnson said: “I’m so sorry, OK that is a signal for me actively to wind up.”

Mr Johnson had finished his speech and had answered a number of questions from journalists seated behind the officers in the audience.

He then continued to criticise Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for not backing his plans for a snap general election, before he stopped talking.

As he finished, all the police present stood up and Mr Johnson went over to check on the stricken officer.

She was then attended to by colleagues.

A West Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said she was checking whether the woman was OK.

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