Hungry burglar who squeezed through cat flap caught after eating fishcake

A “cat burglar” who crept into a house and stole bank cards and bottles of wine was caught because of his hunger pangs.

Jan Gina squeezed through the cat flap of a home in Folkestone, Kent, in the middle of the night and set about stealing items while the occupants were asleep.

But the 20-year-old, from Cambridge Gardens in Folkestone, was caught after snacking on a fishcake and leaving his DNA at the scene, Kent Police said.

Gina stole wine, clothes, a handbag and bank cards during the burglary on May 9, and left a half-eaten fishcake on the kitchen table.

The burglary was reported to Kent Police and Gina’s DNA was found on the fishcake.

Police launched a search and eventually found him hiding in a wardrobe in a disused building.

Officers recovered the stolen items and also found five bags of herbal cannabis in Gina’s backpack.

He initially denied burglary and cannabis possession – and claimed he did not even like fish – but later pleaded guilty.

He was sentenced to two years and four months in prison at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday.

Detective Constable Beth Gumley said: “Gina crept around the property while the victims were inside, asleep and completely unaware. Luckily we were able to return the stolen items and Gina has now been imprisoned.

“Burglary is such an intrusive crime and the impact on victims is not underestimated. This is why we will do everything within our power to seek justice and ensure those breaking the law are put before the courts.”

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