Alex Kingston defends Meghan: Nothing can prepare you for life as a royal

Ex-Doctor Who star Alex Kingston has defended the Duchess of Sussex – suggesting she is a victim of tall poppy syndrome.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have sparked controversy by using several private jets after speaking out on the environment.

Kingston, 56, who is about to tread the boards in a new adaptation of An Enemy Of The People, told the PA news agency that “the British are quite good at building you up and then wanting to knock you down”.

She said of the former Suits actress: “Most likely, she thought she was well prepared for joining this extraordinary family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Harry and Meghan (Jonathan Brady/PA)

“But I think that nothing can prepare you for being part of the royal family. It’s something very different.”

Kingston, famous for her role as River Song in Doctor Who, said: “The thing that upsets me is that there was such incredible joy and people were so positive about her in the early days.

“So positive (that) Harry had fallen in love with somebody who was not only from another continent but also had a completely different background…  and how exciting that would be to bring some of that into the royal family.

“I don’t know whether it’s something that’s particularly British or whether it’s actually something that transcends all around the world –  the British are quite good at building you up and then wanting to knock you down and we’ve seen that over and over again, with actors, with whoever.

Sir Elton John previously defended the Duke of Sussex
Sir Elton John previously defended the Duke of Sussex (Gareth Fuller/PA)

“If they seem to be getting too above themselves, for whatever reason, they have to be knocked down and I feel that, at the moment, that’s the focus of it.”

The former ER actress will be starring in Ibsen’s classic play An Enemy Of The People, tackling fake news, whistleblowers and the corruption of power, in Nottingham.

The fresh adaptation of the play has been altered so a woman (Kingston) plays the central role of Dr Stockmann, who is accused of threatening a town’s livelihood when she discovers its famous spa waters are poisoned.

The British actress said: “A lot of what Ibsen was writing, we are living now. That’s quite extraordinary. We think we’ve moved on and haven’t really.

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“There are parallels to our story that are swirling around us.”

She said it was “extraordinary” that US President Donald Trump was using the term “enemy of the people” against the media.

Kingston’s comments come after Sir Elton John hit back at what he called “relentless and untrue (character) assassinations” of Harry and Meghan.

The duke also defended his use of private planes, saying he spends “99% of my life” using commercial flights but occasionally needs to ensure “my family are safe”.

An Enemy Of The People runs from Friday September 13 at Nottingham Playhouse.

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