Lib Dem leader told to 'Sit down, love' by male MP

Jo Swinson MP was told to 'Sit down love' as she made a speech on Brexit in the House of Commons.

The leader of the Lib Dems had only just started speaking during a debate on an early general election when she was interrupted.

An unidentified male MP shouted at her to take her seat – though she ignored it.

Layla Moran MP tweeted: 'Whoever told @joswinson to "Sit down darling" or whatever was said a) picked the wrong lady to mess with and b) is clearly an entitled sexist toad.'

She later clarified: 'He said "Sit down, love". Still unclear who it was. It can be heard on the playback. I wasn't in the chamber to see who.'

The heckling prompted anger on Twitter, with one commenter writing: 'I think I heard a male MP call out,'sit down darling', when Jo Swinson was trying to speak. Whoever it was is a sexist dinosaur.

'What a fool he must be. And I'm sick of male MP's trying to use their louder voices to shout down female MPs.'

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