Brexit Live: Boris Johnson faces PMQs before debate on bid to stop no-deal

Boris Johnson is taking his first session of Prime Minister’s Questions the day after sacking 21 Conservative MPs when they voted against the Government in a bid to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

The Government lost the vote by a majority of 27 and MPs will now have the opportunity to pass legislation that would effectively take no-deal off the table.

Here’s the latest:


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asked Boris Johnson for evidence of details that he is negotiating for a deal and not trying to “run down the clock”.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Corbyn added: “Yesterday it was revealed that the Prime Minister’s negotiating strategy is to run down the clock.

“And that the Attorney General told the Prime Minister that his belief that the European Union would drop the backstop was a complete fantasy.

“Are these reports accurate or can the Prime Minister provide the detail of the proposals he’s put forward to the EU?”


Here’s a reminder of Tuesday night’s events:

Boris Johnson said he could seek a snap general election:


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(PA Graphics)


Mr Johnson held a Cabinet meeting at 8am on Wednesday, with ministers giving nothing away to reporters as they arrived and departed from Downing Street.

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