Woman killed by rooster as she collected eggs

A woman's death caused by an attack from a pet rooster has prompted a professor in Australia to warn of the dangers pets and other animals pose to the elderly.

The woman was collecting eggs from a chicken coop at her home when she was attacked by the animal, The Advertiser reported.

Along with several other injuries sustained, the rooster had punctured a varicose vein with its beak causing uncontrollable bleeding.

Adelaide University forensic expert Professor Roger Byard studied the case as part of research published in the journal Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology to guide doctors about animal injuries while conducting autopsies.

He said the elderly woman's recent death was a poignant reminder to older generations to remain vigilant around animals.

"Many of the examples we have found of animals causing death are a warning for elderly people,'' he told The Advertiser.

Professor Byard was unable to provide further information on the woman's death out of respect to her family.

He said while Australia is well aware of the dangers of animals such as snakes, sharks and crocodiles, other seemingly harmless animals can prove fatal.

"For example cats are a very common tripping hazard for the elderly around the house that they may never think of. Cats like to rub against ankles and legs, as well as sit behind people and commonly lead to tripping injuries in the elderly," Professor Byard said.

He also noted cats are capable of rupturing varicose veins and urged people with them to get them checked or treated with simple surgery.

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