Man arrested at Singapore Airport for buying plane ticket just so he could wave wife off at gate

The control tower of Changi International Airport in Singapore

A man was arrested after he bought a plane ticket to see his wife off at an airport gate - even though he wasn't flying.

The devoted husband, 27, walked his spouse to the departure gate at Singapore's Changi International Airport despite having no intention to get on a plane.

The man apparently wanted to spend every moment he could with his wife before she travelled.

His show of affection did not impress airport staff and he was arrested by the Singapore Police Force.

Visitors tour around the HSBC Rain Vortex, the worlds tallest indoor waterfall, at Jewel Changi Airport

Authorities have told other people to not try the same thing or they risk being detained.

Police warned on Facebook: "Passengers who enter the transit areas with a boarding pass should only be there for the purpose of travelling to their next destination."

It's an offence in Singapore to 'misuse' a boarding pass and if you go beyond the gate without intending to travel you can be locked up for two years or fined S$20,000 (£11,975).

An aerial view taken from a commercial flight shows the Jewel Changi Airport

That hasn't stopped people from doing so in the past - possibly because the new Jewel terminal at Changi is so extraordinary.

It has a park, gardens, suspension bridge, mazes and the world's biggest indoor waterfall (The Rain Vortex) measuring 40 metres.

In total 33 people have been arrested this year for misusing boarding passes in Singapore.

In 2016 a man spent 18 days at the airport and people have been known to purchase tickets and then get refunds just so they can access the building.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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