"EU laws are stopping us having dirtier air and giant hand towels"

A caller to James O'Brien's LBC Radio show was left chuckling at his own statements when the radio host turned them back on him.

Anthony from Brighton insisted he wanted to leave the EU, describing it as a controlling "cancer". However, when he was asked what he wanted to take back control of, his examples left a lot to be desired.

As Prime Minister Johnson is thought on the verge of calling a General Election, O'Brien was asking listeners whether they would prefer a snap election or a Second Referendum on membership of the EU.

Anthony was advocating for the former as he felt it would give the establishment a shake-up and help the nation get away from the control of the EU.

But when asked for an example of something the UK doesn't have control over, things started to come unstuck. All Anthony could come up with was rules on car emissions and 437 laws on hand towels, and when pushed, specifically "regulations on the size".

O'Brien concluded: "You used the analogy of cancer and when I asked you for examples of what you call a cancer, you want dirtier air and giant hand towels."

All Anthony could do was chuckle and reply: "I love you, you're brilliant at making people look stupid."

When pushed for one further example the caller came up with: "When they dissolve our British Army."

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